p-DRP-0059… Code Name… Flying Toaster


Product Description:

  • Device measures 9in x 8in x 9in, resemblance a small computer with lights.
  • One of the primary functions is Timer. See below two LCD display mock ups showing (i) Timer in action and (ii) Timer report


Functions / Features Overview:


Functions overview (Left to Right) consists of 3 parts.

  • First part, upon powering on the unit, it downloads Meeting agenda from East Speak. With agenda on hand, the unit will know members of head table, name of speakers and evaluators.
  • Second part. The unit provides a two way communication to devices brought to meeting by Toastmasters. This secure, Bluetooth based 2-way link allows delivery of meeting agenda, taking attendance, electronic feedback of evaluations and Table topic balloting functions.
  • Final part, it sends evaluation summary to speakers and upload meeting minutes to Google Docs.

Companion Apps:


  • Available at both Google Play and Apps Store. Toastmasters download and setup companion app prior to meeting. The app enables your device to communicate with flying toaster
  • Review mock up screens

What’s inside the box?


  • Industrial tower light with LED light bulb
  • Single board computer (Raspberry Pi), popular platform teaching high school kids programming
  • Various network and electronics components
  • Less than $200 in hardware

Project Summary:


  • Use Technology to save time & save money
  • Enhance Toastmaster meeting experience
  • BYOD is in workplace for many years, time to bring that to meetings
  • Stationery is the 3rd highest in club expense after room rental and membership dues, so imagine a device that can cut down up to 85% stationery cost.
  • Reduce workload, Error and Go Green.

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