Screw Holes Center Distance Measuring Tool

Product Description:

This tool set comes with a matching pair of precision machined cylindrical
measuring posts with 4mm outside diameter (OD). To measure the distance between centers of two screw holes; First fasten the posts into screw holes to be measured, use calipers to indicate the distance between the circumference of posts. The last step is to minus the indicated reading by 4mm to get actual distance.


  • Made of hardened stainless steel for wear resistance, longevity and repeated uses
  • Measuring post is 4mm diameter and precision grind to +/- 0.005mm for precision measurements
  • Use standard metric sized wench for easy fastening
  • Top 60° chamfer for calipers equipped with center line gage

Usage Remarks:


Always measure clean, debris free parts. When fastening measuring posts, avoid damaging screw holes in delicate and/or plastic part, use caution and do not use excessive torque on the posts.


Inspect measuring post’s squareness to the part surface after fastening.


When using calipers for measurement, make sure jaws are laid flat (avoid skewing) and close to the base of post. Use thumb-wheel to get a moderate, reasonable tightness of grip on the material.

The accuracy of measurement depends on the correct use of calipers and
measurement skill, the amount of force used on calipers’ jaws will affect reading. It is recommended to use a moderate, consistence measuring force to jaw contacts.

Product Renderings:


Here is a summary of our design and part manufacturing process.

  • Part designed and modeled using Autodesk Inventor
  • Part file processed using Edgecam
  • Part created and turned using CNC lathe
  • Final outside diameter (OD) circumference established using universal cylindrical grinder
  • Surface hardening of part





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